I'm honestly not surprised. Remember SAPI 4 was originally written for
Windows 98 era operating systems and software. That's like 13 years
ago. In terms of computer software its ancient.

Microsoft's SAPI 5 API was a complete rewrite for Windows XP, and has
been steadily upgraded along with the operating systems. The current
version SAPI 5.4 ships as a core component of Windows 7, and is
obviously the version we should be using for Windows 7 games and
applications.There are a lot of low-level API changes such as ssml for
tagging speech to insert natural pauses, changes in pitch,  changes in
volume, etc during speech output. For instance if someone writes a
book and tags it with xml or ssml Microsoft Anna 5.4 will be able to
act upon those instructions like raise the volume to yell or lower her
voice to whisper as she is reading. Its rather cool some of the things
you can do with the newer SAPI 5.3/5.4 voices on the fly.

"<volume level='100'> I am yelling!"
"<volume level ='50'> I am wispering. I hope nobody hears me."
"<pitch middle='5'> I am really excited!"
"<pitch middle='-5'> I am feeling board."

Like I said that is really cool stuff. Anna isn't the best voice, but
I noticed the new Cepstral 5.2 voices respond well to xml and ssml
tagged documents. Callie does a pretty good job of simulating human
speech when books etc are properly tagged and you read them using the
Swift program that comes with the Cepstral 5.2 voices.

So I don't know why anyone would really want to go back to SAPI 4
voices in the first place. As you said they weren't really that good
over all, and compatibility has now become an issue on newer ops. Its
time to move on to bigger and better things.


On 11/14/11, john <jpcarnemo...@comcast.net> wrote:
> Mentioning sapi 4, it's pronunciation is quite off. A couple
> notable things: On is pronounced in, off is pronounced of. Also,
> if I remember rightly, it was much less fluid than sapi 5. I can
> confirm as well, that (at least the sapi four installation that
> comes with the APH products) does not work on windows seven.

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