I've posted version 1.6b.  I'm super short on time so I won't spend a lot of 
time explaining it here.
The full download link is ready, but if you already have version 1.5b then 
there's no need to waste time downloading the larger file anyway.  Just 
download this small patch file and you will be updated to version 1.6b.

Changes from version 1.5b to 1.6b

- Put the code back in that prevents guns from being fired in the safe zone.
- Finally went through and recoded the graphics.  They no longer bog down the 
slower computer systems.
- I've done some optimization to various parts of the code to speed up zombie 
calculations.  This should also help with game performance.
- Killing stronger zombies now gives more experience.
- Killing zombies with weaker weapons raises your reputation slightly faster 
than if you use stronger weapons.
- Phantom zombie and loot sounds should be fixed now.  The buffer wasn't always 
being properly cleared if another player grabbed the loot or killed the zombie.
- The server has been adjusted to better handle player positioning.  This 
should improve hearing eachother's weapons, voices, and foot steps.
- Corrected a code mix up that was causing the garbage network traffic which 
was discovered in the past version.
- The bug is fixed that let people donate a gun to the Safe zone but then still 
use it.
- I've added a few new features to the server that help me monitor the players. 
 This is mostly for my own entertainment though.
- Fixed a bug that prevented page up and page down from being used as an 
alternative to cycling through online messages.
- Added a keyconfig.ini file which allows players to customize their controls.  
If you ever mess up the file, just delete it and the game will create a new one 
next time you play.  Because this config file would allow some to play using 
only the keyboard, please respect that the game is meant to be played with the 
mouse.  What I mean by this is that if you are playing the game with only a 
keyboard, don't post suggestions or comments about the game being too 
difficult.  I have absolutely no intention of lowering the difficulty of the 
game to accomodate the restricted movement and aiming of the keyboard.  My 
apologies if this sounds harsh.
- The grown rate for zombies has been increased by 20%.
- Increased the server's drop rate for med kits.
- Fixed a few small bugs related to the guard and how his voice was transmitted.
- I think I've fixed a bug that would cause people to have enough xp but not 
level up.
- Pressing Alt + / now toggles your radio settings.  You can use these 3 modes 
to change how incoming multiplayer chat is presented.
- Fixed the bug that caused online chat messages to be played twice.
- Replaced the leveling up sound with the one Kai had given me a while ago but 
I forgot to put it in.  Lol, oops.
- Shortened the message that's read when you go to type a multiplayer chat 
message.  It was quite long.

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