Am Freitag, den 07.04.2006, 19:17 -0400 schrieb Henri Yandell:
> Calling a vote to create a Jakarta Sandbox; which entails:
>   * Move Jakarta Commons Sandbox to Jakarta Sandbox
>   * Migrate Jakarta Taglibs Sandbox into Jakarta Sandbox
>   * Create development mailing list ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
>   * Create wiki (and migrate wiki bits from j-c-s/j-t-s)
>   * Jakarta Sandbox to initially use the Commons sandbox processes.
> [ ] +1
> [X] -1

I vote -1 because I do not want my mailbox to be flooded with piles of
mails about stuff I don't care about. I'd like to solicit only those
pieces I am interested in.

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Rainer Klute

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