On Fri, 7 Apr 2006, Martin Cooper wrote:

On 4/7/06, Henri Yandell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Calling a vote to create a Jakarta Sandbox; which entails:

  * Move Jakarta Commons Sandbox to Jakarta Sandbox
  * Migrate Jakarta Taglibs Sandbox into Jakarta Sandbox
  * Create development mailing list ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
  * Create wiki (and migrate wiki bits from j-c-s/j-t-s)
  * Jakarta Sandbox to initially use the Commons sandbox processes.

What would be the constraints on what could go in there? Anything, as long
as it's written in or for Java?

My fault, I thought we'd had a long thread on this before so didn't do much explaining.

The same as Commons Sandbox contains potential Commons components, Jakarta Sandbox would be much the same but contain potential Jakarta components. Maybe I'm jumping the gun.

One of the reasons this was brought up again in last months naval introspection threads was that if we have a Jakarta Language Components grouping (ie: part of Commons moves out), then the Commons sandbox would no longer be applicable. Plus it allows us to bring the Taglibs sandbox plus it gives us a nice home for the Taglibs sandbox to be dormantized to.

[ ] +1
[X] -1

This just seems like too big of a can of worms to me.

It's the same can of worms as Jakarta as a whole, so I'm not sure if we can view this as being worrisome and the general scope of Jakarta as not worrisome. I'm probably jumping the gun - next vote maybe should have been to have restricted the scope of Jakarta rather than promote the sandbox up.


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