On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 21:38 +0100, lurker wrote:
> genkernel fails to add busybox with cpio (this is with genkernel-3.4.9
> and catalyst-2.0.6_pre6):

Please try catalyst-2.0.6_pre8, which is pretty new and should work just
fine for whatever you need.  Also, check out genkernel-3.4.10_pre3,
which I literally just added to the tree.

> Also, my system runs stable amd64 Gentoo, but I run catalyst in a i686
> chroot to protect my main system. Could that have anything to do with this?

Ehh, this very well could be causing you all kinds of problems.

Since catalyst does all of its building in "storedir"
or /var/tmp/catalyst, by default.  In fact, it won't do anything outside
of /var/tmp/catalyst, and then each target is built in a chroot, also.
So, building a typical package with default settings, you end up
extracting to /var/tmp/catalyst/tmp, then chrooting into there, before
anything else is done.

Again, it is safe to run on your main install.  The only files it cares
about from your running system are all in /etc/catalyst
or /var/tmp/catalyst and nowhere else, unless you configure it to do so.

Chris Gianelloni
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