On 21/02/08 18:55, Andrew Gaffney wrote:
> lurker wrote:
>> When I set up that chroot I didn't know that catalyst was able to
>> generate x86 stages from amd64 systems, so that was my reason for
>> creating it. I will install catalyst and genkernel on my main system
>> instead and work from there, and if that fails upgrading to the latest
>> versions.
> You don't need genkernel on your host system. It's emerged inside
> catalyst's chroot when it's needed.

Yeah, what I really meant was to add the new genkernel ebuild to my
spec's portage overlay.

>> But even if that fixes it, I would very much like to know what was going
>> on. From my debugging I have pretty much confirmed that it's that
>> find/cpio call that fails, but I cannot grasp why at all. Few bugs have
>> left me this perplexed.
> We are right in the middle of a release cycle with a couple of people
> doing repeated catalyst builds, and nobody is hitting this bug.

I know. I've had this problem since ~november, and the only other person
that have reported something similar is ├ůsmund. It would be interesting
if he could elaborate on the circumstances he got it in...

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