lurker wrote:
On 21/02/08 05:40, Chris Gianelloni wrote:
On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 21:38 +0100, lurker wrote:
genkernel fails to add busybox with cpio (this is with genkernel-3.4.9
and catalyst-2.0.6_pre6):
Please try catalyst-2.0.6_pre8, which is pretty new and should work just
fine for whatever you need.  Also, check out genkernel-3.4.10_pre3,
which I literally just added to the tree.

Also, my system runs stable amd64 Gentoo, but I run catalyst in a i686
chroot to protect my main system. Could that have anything to do with this?
Ehh, this very well could be causing you all kinds of problems.

I have now tried running catalyst-2.0.5 natively from my amd64 system
(i.e. no chroot) and I still got the same error. Even with the latest

I emerged 2.0.6_pre9, but it crashed during action sequence clean on
livecd-stage1, complaining about that the chroot's kerncache directory
couldn't be deleted. I might file a bug for this later if I get time,
it's just that I'm really pressed getting catalyst to actually build an
iso as I have a release schedule...

You must have a really weird setup. Again, as part of the release cycle, many of us have been testing the latest versions of catalyst and genkernel, and we have not hit this issue, either. Kerncache has been functioning beautifully for me.

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