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> So, gentoo-wiki.com went down for a awhile and took something away from
> our users something that is useful.  Its back now, but I think we should
> consider having our own official wiki that our users can contribute to.
> We already have something very similar to this on the forums, and this
> would just give the correct tool to put their documentation on.
> I already know some people are going to hate this idea and say that the
> documentation could be wrong, etc, so lets look at how others have
> handled this situation.  It seems that Ubuntu has their own official
> documentation section and a community section where users can contribute
> to.  We can put a nice big warning saying that the user documentation
> may have some errors, and that any such errors should not be directed at
> the maintainers of the package or the GDP.
> What are others feelings on this?  What issues do you see with having a
> wiki?  Do you see anyway to resolve the issue you see with us having a
> wiki?

I'm for it.  I think the positives --- more communications paths,
community building, providing something our users want --- outweigh the
negatives (entries might be incorrect or irrelevant or whatever).  I
think it's understood that contributions might contain errors, but the
can be corrected.  I don't know about Ubuntu's community section, but I
do find Wikipedia very useful even though I know it might be wrong. :)

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