On 12.11.2008 11:44, Michael Hammer wrote:
> * Mark Loeser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [081112 00:46]: 
>> What are others feelings on this?  
> I like the idea!
>> What issues do you see with having a wiki?  
> Pages of poor quality with wrong informations.
>> Do you see anyway to resolve the issue you see with us having a
>> wiki?
> We should develop some kind of review process 

Ugh, got lots of free time?  If you want to help, provide hosting or
such.  A hands off approach should be preferred for wiki.  We know it is
written by users and some poor quality and even wrong info is expected.
 Wikis are good for pointers and ideas only.  We know that and act
accordingly.  Moreover, we have official gentoo docs anyway.

Developer time is better spent doing, well, developer stuff rather than
reviewing some wiki.  If you insist on review, it will be at best a
stale small site and at worst will cut into your developer time.

For what it is worth, as a user I vote you spend time developing gentoo.

> and at least the
> possiblity to lock and hide pages of poor quality. In the most cases
> the howtos are related to some herds. What if we have a "reviewed
> section" where herds can approve pages and user can be sure that the
> infos provided have a minimum of quality.
> g, mueli

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