Mark Loeser wrote:
So, went down for a awhile and took something away from
our users something that is useful.  Its back now, but I think we should
consider having our own official wiki that our users can contribute to.
We already have something very similar to this on the forums, and this
would just give the correct tool to put their documentation on.

I already know some people are going to hate this idea and say that the
documentation could be wrong, etc, so lets look at how others have
handled this situation.

IMHO, the old gentoo-wiki (don't know if the new one will address it) does let you down when pages are out of date.

The solution I like is the wikipedia idea: There is a tag for marking pages as outdated / inaccurate, and if a page has the outdated tag for too long it's removed / archived.

Much like treecleaning!
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