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Mark Loeser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What are others feelings on this?  What issues do you see with having
> a wiki?  Do you see anyway to resolve the issue you see with us
> having a wiki?

What will policy on articles that are horribly dangerous or outright
wrong? Is Gentoo prepared to block or warn about articles that recommend
stupid things? If a warning is used, what will be used to distinguish
between a generic "wiki, not necessarily checked by sane people" and a
"article known to be horrible"?

The problem with wikis is that enough of them contain enough good
information that people assume that all of them are entirely correct.
Even if warnings are used, the assumption is often "well I was warned
about another article too and that turned out OK so I can ignore the
warning". And whilst it might be OK for some people to say "well, we
warned you, so tough luck", it makes life very difficult for developers
who end up having to deal with hordes of users with broken systems...

Ciaran McCreesh

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