Mark Loeser wrote:
So, went down for a awhile and took something away from
our users something that is useful.  Its back now, but I think we should
consider having our own official wiki that our users can contribute to.
We already have something very similar to this on the forums, and this
would just give the correct tool to put their documentation on.

I already know some people are going to hate this idea and say that the
documentation could be wrong, etc, so lets look at how others have
handled this situation.  It seems that Ubuntu has their own official
documentation section and a community section where users can contribute
to.  We can put a nice big warning saying that the user documentation
may have some errors, and that any such errors should not be directed at
the maintainers of the package or the GDP.

What are others feelings on this?  What issues do you see with having a
wiki?  Do you see anyway to resolve the issue you see with us having a

I have been following gentoo-wiki's new procedures and rebuild process and I think they are on a good track right now.

I am throwing this out there, can we ask Mike Valstar for a dump of all his stuff, slap it on gentoo hardware under a link? It could be a "community building" experience and offering the stability of gentoo hardware to a service like gentoo-wiki. Maybe also invite Mike to be the admin of said hardware, etc. Thoughts?

(I don't know what a community wiki would require for infra hardware, maybe someone will chime in)

2 cents,

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