On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 08:39:41PM -0600, Jeremy Olexa wrote:
> I am throwing this out there, can we ask Mike Valstar for a dump of all his 
> stuff, slap it on gentoo hardware under a wiki.gentoo.org link?
> It could be a "community building" experience and offering the
> stability of gentoo hardware to a service like gentoo-wiki. Maybe also
> invite Mike to be the admin of said hardware, etc. Thoughts?
I'd like to answer this on two fronts.

As infra, I did offer hosting to Mike Valstar shortly after their
downtime started. However he turned me down as somebody else offered him
much beefier hardware (overkill hardware in my personal opinion). An
additional minor concern were the Google ads he runs, which might not be
possible at some of our sponsors.

My offer for remote backups for him still stands, and I have not
received any response on it from Mike.

Additionally, there are license concerns about their existing content,
as it was originally one license, and was then blanket re-licensed (see
the mails on the gentoo-doc list for more details). Any new Gentoo-run
wiki could enforce our docs license of CC-Attribution/ShareALike from
the start.

Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux Developer & Infra Guy
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