Alistair Bush wrote:
 > I'm not overly concerned about what wiki we use.   But may I suggest we
> approach gentoo-wiki to see whether they would like to be involved.

+1, especially the "overly concerned" part. Seriously folks. Just start
it. Take whatever you as a person feel comfortable with. Talk to infra,
if there are concerns about security. Then get moving. Maybe even set up
multiple implementations and start evaluating, if you can trick infra
into doing the setup. If not, you'd have to live with what they give you.

You can theorize all you want about the best possible solution. That
will just clog up the pipes and piss users off no end. It certainly did
so for me. I'm now at the point where i'm willing to bet money on the
wiki request never actually reaching infra.

Can we please go back to happy days where guys and gals worked on an
implementation FIRST, posted to lists SECOND and ironed out errors via
peer review THIRD? It'll make us all more productive.

> What project should we create this under.

Please don't make it another project. This will just create a new
territory and spread resources even thinner. Take one of the
"user-facing" projects like forums or userrel.
But don't let this be a blocker to get things done. You can always
change ownership of the stuff once you actually get some property to
talk about.

An important lesson i've learned during the last days as i've taken up
php stuff: people, users and devs alike, will step up to help you, do
things for you, work with you and be generally amazing if you
(1) ask specific, detailed questions and
(2) provide some of the work yourself.

Usually you have to do (2) before you can do (1). Applying this the wiki
debate, you
(1) ask specific, *technical* questions, you ideally answer with yes/no
  (1.1) Do we have an ebuild for it? If no, can i maintain one?
  (1.2) Will infra emerge the ebuild for me? If not, why not?
  (1.3) Who do i pester about my administrator access data?
  (1.4) Who can i use as lab-monk^W^W^Wa test group? How to reach them?
(2) set up some fscking wiki and let people play with it.
(3) profit ;)

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