On 5 April 2010 04:01, Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto
<jmbsvice...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>  * I congratulate everyone involved on this that is so motivated to
> create a new option for hosting content for the Developers and Community
> at large and wish all the best for this project.

Thank you!

>  * I would humbly like to suggest that there will be a larger chance of
> success for this project if those promoting it focus on the benefits it
> can bring, work on generating new content and give up on the idea of
> "replacing" other projects and communities.
> In particular I'd also advice people in this project to work with
> existing projects and communities and to avoid clashes over content,
> format and or merit.

Yes, the thread made some excursions, but let's focus on the task at
hand. The wiki is in the first place about offering something that has
been missing. It is also about bringing people together. It is not
about duplicating effort.

>  * If those involved in this project are willing to, I think it could
> fit well within the User Relations area as this is another way to reach
> out to our community.

I'm not sure UserRel is exactly the right fit, as we very much also
are about offering services to developers for more "internal" use,
such as project meeting agendas. I do think we should work closely
together, like the other "participating projects" mentioned on the
UserRel project page.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux Qt project lead developer

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