Vincent Launchbury wrote:
On 04/10/10 11:25, William Hubbs wrote:
Yes, it does.  However, I would tend to question how practical their
audio captcha is.  Go to and try the demo a few
times and see how much luck you have solving audio captchas from it.

Just for reference, I tried 15 different sound clips and got 5 right. 9
were completely incomprehensible, 1 was fuzzy, and the other 5 were
quite clear.

I'd agree that accessibility is important, but if a better solution
doesn't end up working out, ReCaptcha should at least provide access for
blind users, albeit inefficiently.

Heck, I wear glasses but can see pretty good. It is hard for me to get past the visual thing. Most of the time when I see a captcha, I just say forget it and go elsewhere. There is nothing worse than trying to help someone else and having to spend ten minutes to get past one of those things. Write a 1 minute answer/solution and spend 10 minutes trying to answer the captcha. It just isn't worth all that.

I have never seen the others where you have to complete a word or phrase. I wouldn't even try those.


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