On 10/04/2010 19:04, Vincent Launchbury wrote:
On 04/10/10 11:25, William Hubbs wrote:
Yes, it does. However, I would tend to question how practical their
audio captcha is. Go to www.captcha.net and try the demo a few
times and see how much luck you have solving audio captchas from it.

Just for reference, I tried 15 different sound clips and got 5 right. 9
were completely incomprehensible, 1 was fuzzy, and the other 5 were
quite clear.

I'd agree that accessibility is important, but if a better solution
doesn't end up working out, ReCaptcha should at least provide access for
blind users, albeit inefficiently.

I was just at Microsoft's site for the hotfix download to fix the Advanced Local Procedure Call problem in Server 2008R2 and you need to enter a captcha to get the link sent to your email address.

Just as I was about to enter it I thought I would listen to it just for the hell of it... I couldn't understand a thing, it sounded like two ferrets fighting infront of a de-tuned radio.

Whatever system the wiki and the forums have we better make it sure it is the right one because there would be nothing worse than going to a site and finding you can't use it because of a rubbish captcha system.

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