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> Yes, I get it.  User experience is not important if it would mean
> developers would actually do anything but the bare minimum to get
> from one paycheck to another.  The usual Gentoo attitude.

You of course realise putting more demands on The Process of existing
developers, who are in short supply, and their time is also in short
supply, will, ultimately result in a detriment to the userbase, by
virtue of them becoming less capable to achieve the same volume of

Its one thing to make this a policy, which I think on the _surface_ is
fine, but this one hints towards substantial changes we don't currently
have tooling support to streamline.

Maybe think about how we can empower developers to achieve this, and
then after it becomes remotely practical to do this _at scale_, we make
it policy to do so?

Yes, yes, I'm suggesting something perverted like a build server or
system for aggregating built man-pages on gentoo-servers automatically
as part of CI, that end users can just trivially fetch. But that's just
one approach, surely, there are others.

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