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Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> > Failure to do this will mean you're shipping out-dated documentation to
> > the user.  
> I fail to see how this could happen, unless you'd be using terrible
> hacks.

What part in my series of steps did you not understand?

All that has to happen is somebody does the bump, and doesn't notice
the documentation didn't change when they did the bump, when it in
fact, aught to have changed.

And just because _I'm_ capable of scruitinizing painfully everything
about upstreams changes and actually running tests when I maintain
things, doesn't mean I can actually rely on my fellow devs to do the

The number of bugs I spot that are "somebody bumped a package, didn't
even add the new dependencies that were painfully obvious if you even
looked at upstreams changes" is too damn high, to the point my
intuition is often "see developer bump package, expect them to do it
wrong, look at what they changed, then sigh after predicting correctly"

I don't like this, but there's f-all I can actually do about it.

You have to plan for developers to cock things up, because they're
human, and that's what humans do.

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