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Frank Schafer wrote:
> Hmmm, a game IS an application (for gaming purposes) ;-))
> Fast scrolling and all of this stuff isn't made by PB but by library
> routines (SDL on Linux). So every (I mean EVERY) language should handle
> this if the system does it handle.
> By the way, we definitely can change the programming language by simple
> syntax conversion if the original code is proper organized (I did this
> more than once). A complete rewrite isn't such a big task too.
> Programming means to describe the whole logic of an application (games
> too ;). Use structograms, flow charts, petri nets ... as you like.
> Translating this into a programming Language (C, C++, Pascal, BASIC,
> Forth, Prolog ...) is pure coding.
> I remember the time we touched the hardware itself if we did need speed
> (DOS, was it GEM on the Amiga?, the legendary Spectrum, C64 ...) but I'm
> skeptic if modern OS will still allow this.
> 0.02$
> Frank

And C is EXTREMELY fast. I mean, I'm having real trouble believing that BASIC
can be faster than C...

Anyway, simple syntax change is not all that needed. You also need to talk to
SDL - something I think PureBasic handled previously.

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