engineering is the use of known methods for defined practical purposes - we 
did not engineer the increase in global temperature and so it wasnt geo 
engineering.    We engineered our increasing global standard of living.

Attempting to engineer the reverse of what has happened will be a 
deliberate act and can be described as geo engineering the world system. 
But the engineering of global temperature by another  
means that does not attempt to return the system to its initial condition  
(ie solar radiation management ) is an act that can only be justified it 
the non linearity of the system or the rates of change of the system 
variables are such that reverse engineering cannot be achieved without 
massively exceeding the boundary conditions that we judge are necessary to 
survive as a species.    The intent is there in either case.    It can be 
argued that in any event we will end up with an engineered system as we 
have bitten the apple.


On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 3:52:53 AM UTC, Christopher Preston 
> An introductory blog piece about why intention makes a difference in 
> climate forcing.

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