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> > fbdev works on many more platforms than GGI.  
> No ! LibGGI works on any platform that has fbdev or X or SVGAlib. 

Or ascii terminals. ;) On the more useful side it also supports DGA,
which I believe Mesa doesn't support yet either.

> fbdev. In case LibGGI does not work on fbdev for a given platform, this
> is to be considered a Bug in either LibGGI or the platform fbdev
> implementation and needs to be fixed. I have recently heard, that LibGGI
> breaks on PPC architectures due to some weird interference of memset and 
> mmaped bus memory, but AFAIK Marcus is working on a fix for it.

I noticed today that it's actually a bug in the PPC-kernel. The
specification for the dcbz (data cache block zero) instruction
states that for uncached memory the exception handler should clear
the memory, but on Linux it just causes a SIGBUS to be sent to the

I'll remove the memsets from LibGGI in any case, as we don't want
to trap into the kernel all the time.

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