> > > Well since it is so easy, there is no reason why unaccelerated [direct]
> > > fbdev support shouldn't be added to OpenGL.  Like I said, it's an easy
> > > hack job off of src/SVGA/svgamesa.c.
> > Why? It's already [there ...]

> fbdev works on many more platforms than GGI.  

No ! LibGGI works on any platform that has fbdev or X or SVGAlib. 

It can take advantage of any acceleration available. It will directly
accelerate matrox framebuffers, KGI drivers and Xlib calls.

Adding more to that list, or the list of supported graphics architectures is
a small matter of programming.

> fbdev is primary console for a lot of non-x86 Linux platforms, 
> and KGI doesn't exist (hasn't been tested/debugged at least) on all those 
> platforms yet.

Using GGI is not a question of KGI existing. When the "real" KGI works
fully, LibGGI will get one more target module to take advantage of that, 
but you can use it here and now on about any existing interface like 
fbdev. In case LibGGI does not work on fbdev for a given platform, this
is to be considered a Bug in either LibGGI or the platform fbdev
implementation and needs to be fixed. I have recently heard, that LibGGI
breaks on PPC architectures due to some weird interference of memset and 
mmaped bus memory, but AFAIK Marcus is working on a fix for it.

CU, Andy

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