someone told me (translation follows):

"Ich rendere in einen Puffer alloziert via malloc. Am Ende schreibe ich den
Inhalt via ggiPutBox in die Grafikkarte (Video-RAM).
Im neuen Design verwende ich statt nen eigenen Puffer ein
memory-visual, dessen Inhalt via ggiCrossBlit auf ein default-visual
kopiert wird. => Speed up um den Faktor 10."

"I render into a buffer allocated with malloc. at the end i write
its content with a ggiPutBox to the graphics card (video-ram).
in my new design i use an a memory-visual instead of the own
buffer and do a ggiCrossBlit to a default-visual
=> Speed up by factor 10."

i cannot believe this.
i really do not understand why this should be true.

i thought if i cannot get directbuffer the fastest way
is use malloced buffer and do ggiPutBox.
why should the CrossBlit be faster, even though it should
do EXACTLY the same ?


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