> what about a memory visual using video memory ? 

This can be done by using e.g. the "sub target" on a main visual with a
larger virtual area

> Which reminds me of a question I wanted to ask on the list here:
> Are there any plans to create a visual like structure which's
> only use is for caching a la double buffering or backing graphics ?

Yes. this one goes with the blob and sprite extensions we haven been talking
about a while ago. I even have a demo implementation of an extension that
should handle both, but we decided to make it separate entities instead,
but never got around to implement it.
Got to pick that one up as well ... I really need those 127 hour days ...

> quite extensively but as I heared, the visual structure itself
> is too complex to be used for that. 

Depends. For backing store of whole windows and such, I see no problem.
But for a few dozen sprites it's a bit heavy. However when you stuff the
sprites onto a single visual, I'd say that's o.k. as well.

> We really don't want event support or anything in this structure, 

Well it has event support, but only in the sense, that the hooks are there

CU, ANdy

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