Andreas Beck wrote:
> > quite extensively but as I heared, the visual structure itself
> > is too complex to be used for that.
> Depends. For backing store of whole windows and such, I see no problem.
> But for a few dozen sprites it's a bit heavy. However when you stuff the
> sprites onto a single visual, I'd say that's o.k. as well.

In my first attempts at porting Amulet last year (and in
my current attemps also BTW), I used raw memory-visual
for the backing store of windows.
By default, Amulet applications uses windows double-buffering
on all windows - and the copying overhead was not noticeable
on such heavy-weight applications. (The CPU workload
was noticeable however - but this should go away with
hardware accelerator, so...)

Of course, however, rendering speed was not at all a
concern in a GUI library... :-) But globally, Andreas
appreciation seems very accurate (as usual...;-).


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