> i create pictures. let'S say from my own handcoded
> 3D engine. it writes into a linear 8bit buffer. 
> but it overwrites quite often. 
> then i do some update function and want the picture on screen. 
> until now i use directbuffers if possible and ggi_putbox if not. 
> but couldn't it be that ggi_putpox is faster ??? 

Yes. Possible. Depends on a lot of factors. Relative Speed of VRAM/SysRAM
access, how much acceleration is used and supported. 

> shouldn't i use ggi_putbox to write my internal buffer into
> the directbuffer ? 
> is a directbuffer on the graphicscard behind the slow
> ISA bus or is it in RAM

It is not defined where the directbuffer is. With XShm it is in local
RAM for example, with fbdev, it is on the graphics card.                        

> what is fastest solution ? 

Making it an option and let the user or a timing loop select one. 

Using a memtarget, it is very easy to write code that does so. 

Basically it is:

if rendertarget==memory open_"real"_target();

if rendertarget==memory copy_render-_to_"real"-target();

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