> "I render into a buffer allocated with malloc. at the end i write
> its content with a ggiPutBox to the graphics card (video-ram).
> in my new design i use an a memory-visual instead of the own
> buffer and do a ggiCrossBlit to a default-visual
> => Speed up by factor 10."

> i cannot believe this.
> i really do not understand why this should be true.
> i thought if i cannot get directbuffer the fastest way
> is use malloced buffer and do ggiPutBox.
> why should the CrossBlit be faster, even though it should
> do EXACTLY the same ?

I suppose he is comparing CrossBlit to the original situation. Putbox is
generally faster than Crossblit from a memory visual.

As explained in my other mail, Directbuffer can be slow as well due to the
possibly slow bus that gets in the way if multiple accesses are done on the
same pixel every frame.

CU, Andy

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