> > The other thing about GhostScript is that it does some special things when
> > directed to write to a window under X that it doesn't normally do for other
> > drivers, like anti-aliasing. 
> Hmm - I'd assume it will do the same on targets that can accomodate the
> output. pgm should suffice.

Actually, it doesn't, at least when I last looked at it.  I had to hack
together my own anti-aliasing for one project by multiplying up the
resolution, and then averaging blocks of pixels down again.

The ghostscript X11 anti-aliasing is a bit of a cheat in that it assumes
that the background is always white, so for most text documents, everything
looks fine (except where lines/text/whatever overlap), but things get
strange with anything more complex, like coloured backgrounds.  Turning it
off gives much cruder output, but with everything correct.


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