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But if adding a fourth "flavour" is possible - in addition to gcc,
llvm and mcode -
which would be generation of shared lib of the parser (or anything
not gcc or llvm specific)
+ corresponding headers for C/C++/bindings-for-your-preferred-
then it would certainly be of great help for many synthesis and
design instrumentation projects
(there are many in my lab, even if I'm not working on that).

Also YG: such a lib would also certainly be of great help to create
your virtual machine
as a new systhesis tool attempt :-)

Tristan: How hard would it be to add such a "shared lib" flavour?

Creating a binding to the AST, or dumping the AST in XML or JSON
be very easy.

The problem is that the AST is not very stable and change frequently.

If the AST changes frequently, then it's a problem if it's dumped in
some format for other tools to parse. Because the tools would be
compiled for a certain version of GHDL in mind, but the GHDL version
installed on the machine may not be the same.

You can embed GHDL with the tool.

Hence the idea of having the parsing stuff of GHDL being compiled as a
library, static or dynamic. Third-party tools would be compiled and
linked with that lib.
If static lib, no problem, the parser is then embedded in the third-
party tool.
If dynamic lib, then the tools would be linked the appropriate version
of the lib and many versions of the lib can coexist in your system
/*/lib/ directory.

It slightly helps integration but the main problem is still present:
the AST changes frequently.

This is why I think having the possibility of generating a lib from
GHDL (at least parser and walk/introspection functions for the AST)
would be key for any other third-party tools, independent of them being
synthesis / simulation / translation / instrumentation tools / wierd
experimental virtual machine emulation stuff.

Creating a lib isn't very hard to do. But I doubt that this will generate a lot of interest compared to a JSON/XML output.


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