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> On 03/27/2015 10:45 PM, Gez wrote:
>> It seems reasonable to require an extra click for committing extra
>> options and having the most commonly used option accessed quickly,
>> without interruptions to the workflow.
> What's the most commonly used option for a new layer varies from user to
> user. When I make a new layer, almost always it's either the foreground
> color or white.
> True. And if you understand well what is being proposed you will also
appreciate the usefulness of the on-canvas shortcut context menu.

Currently, when you right-click on the image, whether you have an active
path or a selection, you will get the entire main menu (File, Edit, Select,
View, Image, Layer, Colors, Tools, Filters, Windows, Help)

If i need the main menu surely I can access it from the top of the app
where it's already visibly available. Right-click should be left for the
context menu.

For example, create a path and right-click on the path layer. There you
have it ! That's the context menu to work only on the path. Every option
you get in that short-cut menu is relevant only to the path.

So, what's so difficult here.
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