On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 04:23:27PM +0100, Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
> Seth Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Well, I strongly dislike having an eraser tool that
> > behaves differently based on a property of an image
> > you can't even see.  It really stinks.
> > 
> > What I'd prefer to see is a "replace color" paint tool
> > that can handle bgs or any other layer the way eraser
> > works now on a bg layer.
> > 
> > Keeping the user experience the same between versions
> > is not a good thing when the user experience sucks.
> > 
> > Seth  
> I second this. We have too long stayed with this behaviour. I doubt
> that there a too many people using gimp for (and _only_ for) one layer
> images. If I once grokked the idea of layers, the current behaviour as
> it is strikes me as unintuitive even when working on single layer
> images.

If that is the case, I have noticed another flaw. When I am working
in the grayscale image mode, and I use the paintbrush to try and draw
a color on the image, it comes out in gray!! This is clearly wrong
behavior. You would not expect a tool to have two different modes of
operation depending on the image you are drawing on! Obviously, all
images should be color.

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