Jens Lautenbacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Let's just think of your casual user who never understood nor even
> heard of layers or that gimp has something like this. He just want's
> to edit a single layer, and starts to clear a selection, or use the
> eraser. In my opinion such a complete newbie wouldn't be surprised by
> having the eraser/clers selection act like really clearing the image
> i.e. removing parts of it completely. Maybe he would think what the
> hell is this checherboard, but would very quickly become accustomed to
> it. The behaviour of having the eraser effectively drawing in the bg
> color isn't that much more intuitive.

I agree to Jens points here. Having the eraser draw with the background
color is a special case which does not make the user interface simpler
and certainly messes up the code. 

We'll face one problem if we decide to make alpha the default for all
images: A lot of fileformats do not understand alpha and you actually
don't want to save the alpha channel with the image at all if you never
touched it. One way to solve this would be to introduce a function to
check if the image's alpha channel is empty. This hint could be set 
from the already existing tile-row hints without too much overhead.

Salut, Sven
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