On 22 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> We'll face one problem if we decide to make alpha the default for all
> images: A lot of fileformats do not understand alpha and you actually
> don't want to save the alpha channel with the image at all if you
> never touched it. One way to solve this would be to introduce a
> function to check if the image's alpha channel is empty. This hint
> could be set from the already existing tile-row hints without too
> much overhead.

 As you said. For one we can use some special dirty flag for the
 Alpha channel and for the case of the non-alpha fileformats we
 simply do the same as now: Flatten image.

 Does this mean that you agree to ditching all the special code
 for the 3 and 1 byte case as well? I'd really love to see this
 changes although as already stated this might introduce a bit 
 memory overhead in case the user didn't use the alpha channel
 at all.



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