I know you're trying to make a point, but I'd actually
agree with that assessment too, if for slightly
different reasons.  The user has no way of knowing
what shade of gray they are about to place on the
image.  I don't think this is used anywhere near as
commonly as layers/transparency, so isn't perceived as
such a big problem.  But it should get some attention
as well.  

In this case, changing the toolbar when that image is
active is a possibility, if grayscale editing is still
a goal.  Also, the color selectors would have to
change depending on the mode, so you're introducing
the same problem in a different spot.  

I think what it comes down to is that modes increase
the load on the user of the tool.  If they have to
exist, there should always be a clear indicator of the
current mode.  Where possible, I'd like to see them go


> If that is the case, I have noticed another flaw.
> When I am working
> in the grayscale image mode, and I use the
> paintbrush to try and draw
> a color on the image, it comes out in gray!! This is
> clearly wrong
> behavior. You would not expect a tool to have two
> different modes of
> operation depending on the image you are drawing on!
> Obviously, all
> images should be color.
> Zach
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