> It would be great if we could get all that uncertainty out of them. :-))
> We must know what we want to have as the result and how to get there.

Concerning the "Content Engine":

We use CVS and a simple perl script for recursive dirctory walks
to compile the pages from templates. We have design and content
templates, but that's only the way we do it.

The advantages are:
 o design and content are seperated
 o the templates are very simple, especially the content ones
 o the template directory structure mirrors the final web site structure
 o the whole script is ~370 lines (easily understood)
 o you can define site wide macros
 o you can define macros to be replaced with script output
   (e.g.  $CURRENT_WEATHER:Berlin or $DATE, ...)
 o it's easy to use, even as a CVS notify trigger

Now, I'm not saying this is the tool to use. Rather, I'm suggesting
to use something like it. I'd gladly provide it as a starting point,
but a few small tune-ups are in order. I'd volunteer to write these.

I think using nothing but html pages will simply not work and using
a complicated content management will be too hard to learn. A newby
joining in later will have a high learning curve ahead of him/her
before (s)he can contribute.

Andreas Jaekel, CableCats GmbH, Flottenstr. 28-42, 13407 Berlin
http://www.cablecats.de/  Tel.: 030 - 916 11 77 3
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