Michael Spunt schrieb:

> > I have updated my lists at http://home.bn-paf.de/smokey/gimp_org/
> > It would be great if we could get all that uncertainty out of them.
> > We must know what we want to have as the result and how to get there.
> One point I have to criticise:
> "...* No so important ones: 1. Netscape 2. IE..."

That was more meant as a ... joke? ;-)) Of course the page should display
nice on every target. Ranging from lynx over netscape and ie to mozilla.
The current page displayed in lynx is "suboptimal".

> 4. navigation structure should be changed (see my mockup)

This needs to be discussed further...

> content:
> 1. all news in the Gimp / general image processing world (new
> algorithms, contests...)

At least, anything which has a direct link to the gimp itself. All that
relates to it would be a bit much I think. Think of "stuffed wilber - buy
now" :-/

> cms:
> 1. dynamic - php/*sql - easy to code, offers many possibilities, we use
> it at the GUG and it's excellent for those purposes IMHO
> editing:
> 1. people should get an editor's account to add news, articles etc. via
> web-interface (perhaps slashdot-like commenting, get ready for "AC",
> "fp" and "g....e.cx" ;-))

oh my! :-) I see a flameware rising. "Active vs. Passive"

PHP has a advantage over passive html-pages. You can react on the user
immediately. Think of: You go to gimp.org in germany and see german
content. Same thing in GB or the US and you see it in english. PHP can be
made to react on the browsers language preferences.

But perhaps we could configure Apache to do it too?



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