On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 11:28:57AM +0300, Ville Pätsi wrote:
> Uhm. Funny enough, right now there is a big discussion in
> gnome-webmaster list about wml.

It's not just on gnome-webmaster -- it's raging across a number of Gnome
lists. In amongst some of the crazed hand waving and finger pointing one
of the good points raised that hasn't been mentioned here (at least, not
clearly) is standards compliance.

Some of the complaints about the current Gnome site and it's potential
replacement is how to ensure that it is possible for people to validate
that what they are about to commit will generate valid HTML. Here
"valid" means conforming to the W3C standard for whichever version of
HTML is chosen and also passing through something like htmltidy without
complaint. The former is obvious, the latter maybe not so common (try
running the current www.gimp.org/index.html through tidy -- lots of

That greatly increases the chances that whatever you have
will degrade nicely to different browsers.


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