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> > Are there any other such ideas that have been floating around?
> Intro (or task oriented) tutorials maybe, instead of the typical web
> page you create an publish, waiting feedback. IOW do a live class so
> people can ask questions, and then the final web page covers problems
> users had when trying the planed steps.

I can see how that could be useful. You could have a Basic GIMP Stuff 
tutorial, for those who never looked further because they felt GIMP 
has a complicated UI, and then some advanced layer&channel juggling 
in another session. You could have a one hour session every 8 hours 
of one day, so that all users get a chance to join in. 

I remember from learning to use Adobe Illustrator that actually 
seeing somebody using the program (in this case on a video tape) 
helped a lot. There are all kinds of small things in complex programs 
like Illustrator or GIMP that get one small mention in the manual, 
but make life a lot easier. Of course, showing how to do stuff won't 
really be easy over the net. Have you got any experience with giving 
tutorials like this?

branko collin
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