On 25 Nov 2001, at 14:37, Carol Spears wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-11-25 at 1551.38 +0100):
> > However, GIMP is not Mozilla and I was not trying to copy Bug Week
> > from Mozilla, but rather was trying to see if more community
> > involvement would be good for the GIMP (I think it may be) and how
> > such community involvement could be given shape.
> What about a Wilberean Fest?

Why do I smell beer all of a sudden? 
> > Are there any other such ideas that have been floating around?
> There is enough talent in the dusty halls of GIMP development for a
> brass band ...

If was thinking more along the lines of something that will bring the 
members of the community _closer_ to us. >;-)

branko collin
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