On 6 Oct 2001, Daniel Egger wrote:

> Am Die, 2001-10-02 um 19.14 schrieb 1002042874:
> > there is probably no need for XML as there are no attributes etc.
> If you use XML for texts like tips or dialogparts then attributes
> are being used for specifying the language the text is in.

We can also use XML for its original purpose -- a markup language.  Even
just adding an emphasis tag can allow tip writers to be <em>much</em> more

But I was thinking of adding the ability to have small graphics in the tip
of the day.  Am I the only one that finds it odd that GIMP is an <em>image
manipulation</em> program, yet the tips are all in text?  Even the
database visualization app I worked on over the summer could embed small
graphics in the tip of the day, although in that app it was used mostly to
display which button does which thing.

I think that small graphics could be used to great effects -- to make your
graphic look like <graphic>, use the bumpmap plugin.  OK, it would take a
little more text than that to make it work well, but you get the idea.


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