> perhaps I'm imaging something wrong here, but I think graphics would be
> overkill for the tips. Stuff like this belongs to the help pages if you 
> ask me. It would probably help to allow links to help pages in the tips
> dialog and it would also be much simpler to implement than text flow 
> around image boxes (unless you want gimp to depend on gtkhtml2 for the 
> tips).

I agree with Sven about images in tips.  Maybe in the future, after we
(we mainly means syngin) have finished documenting all the stuff that
HAS to be documented, it might be nice to add some tutorial-like docs to
the help stuff.  Then the tips could link to some of that stuff.  But I
can definitely see a lot of potential in linking tips to the help.  That
way the tips can be little tidbits that then link into the help to give
more information.  I don't know that any of the help people have time to
make changes like this in the present, but I can see a lot of potential
in it for future development.  It is nice to leave room for future

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