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> We can also use XML for its original purpose -- a markup language.  Even
> just adding an emphasis tag can allow tip writers to be <em>much</em> more
> expressive.

GTK+-2.0 allows some simple markup to be applied to labels and other
text areas without too much hassle. Actually we don't even need to go 
for the XML file solution, we can simply use the XML-style markup tags
in the text, no matter how we store it. Here's the API:


> But I was thinking of adding the ability to have small graphics in the tip
> of the day.  Am I the only one that finds it odd that GIMP is an <em>image
> manipulation</em> program, yet the tips are all in text?  Even the
> database visualization app I worked on over the summer could embed small
> graphics in the tip of the day, although in that app it was used mostly to
> display which button does which thing.
> I think that small graphics could be used to great effects -- to make your
> graphic look like <graphic>, use the bumpmap plugin.  OK, it would take a
> little more text than that to make it work well, but you get the idea.

perhaps I'm imaging something wrong here, but I think graphics would be
overkill for the tips. Stuff like this belongs to the help pages if you 
ask me. It would probably help to allow links to help pages in the tips
dialog and it would also be much simpler to implement than text flow 
around image boxes (unless you want gimp to depend on gtkhtml2 for the 

Salut, Sven
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