On 2002-01-20 at 1615.09 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this mail:
> Hi,
> I have committed a rather inelegant change to gimp-1-2 that should
> remove the need to have glib-2.0 and pkg-config installed in order
> to compile the gimp-1-2 branch. Please let me know if you experience
> any problems with the build.
you out date the how to this quickly?  ooo, this machine hates me.  i have 
only enough time to sent word out on the user list that the how to i have
published is broken before i have to go to my real life job today.

thanks for the help.  i will try a fresh build tonight and update that thing
yet one more time.  i really didn't mind having to have the extra stuff, 


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