[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-03-26 at 0908.26 -0600):
> > > image to Gimp and ask him what
> > > my image contains: colours, text, fonts etc... .
> > No, Gimp cannot currently do that. It is not the purpose of Gimp to
> > analyse images but to create them.
> IMHO, GIMP should absolutely permit batch processing of images - and

It does, not the best but good for some things, search a bit. :]

> if you wanted to write a plugin to count colours or do OCR image
> analysis to read text - then that should be possible.  (Dunno how
> feasible it is to find text and fonts...but that's not the point).

As is, GIMP does not include recognition filters. And I do not think
she asked about coding it, but doing now, so "no" is the right global
reply for it, no matter if batch capable or not.

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