On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Miles O'Neal wrote:

> Stephen J Baker said...
> |Hmmmm "GIMP" - GNU Image *Manipulation* Program?  Maybe we need
> |a name change if general manipulation of images is not a part of
> |GIMP's charter.
> Analysis and manipulation aren't necessarily
> the same thing.

I agree - but if you allow the possibility of batch mode
image manipulation (and I think you should), then batch mode
analysis is just a matter of what plugins you run...one that
counts the number of colours and prints them out - or even
one that does OCR - would certainly be possible in such a

>  Analysis such as the original
> poster asked would be a huge, new area.

It would be if the GIMP team undertook to write the
plugins to do a wide range of interesting analyses - but
I don't think it's such a big deal to make it *possible* to
write such plugins and run them in batch mode - then you
can let the bazaar do the actual work of writing them
*if* there are enough interested people to do it.

> Not that it would be a bad one.  There's certainly
> no reason folks can't write plug-ins for these
> things (although the font recognition would be
> hairy - has anyone done that anywhere?)  And, at
> least in the near term, I'd expect some of the
> functionality to be quite limited.
> How well does OCR software work against images?

What else would it work on?

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