Am Mon, 2003-07-21 um 23.17 schrieb Carol Spears:

> i spent some quality time with docbook; olink, ulink and kin.
> docbook was not written for gimp.  Not the gimp as i understand
> it at least.

DocBook was written exactly for the purpose we need.

> gimp should write his own documentation.  shoot, if we write 
> the dtd properly, gimp can write his own docbook; i will not
> volunteer to write the layout for this however, as i am old 
> and my life is already too short.

Bad idea, own DTD means that one has to write one and also create the
transformation stylesheets which is a lot of work, especially when
considering that there's already a lot of software exactly for this
purpose and it's also quite well documented.

> Eeek on a wiki is easier to read than in your software.  I had 
> a hard time seeing gimp-1.2 help, as i did not want to run the
> full browser and never managed to have all of the pieces together
> to build the gtk browser.

Heh. Coincidently this are exactly two problems an online help system is
facing... :)

> When i looked at what you were doing to try to contribute, I looked
> at the sgml template and all sense of reason and purpose escaped
> me.  I don't think it was prof and syngin, i think it was terrible
> terrible sgml markup.

I don't see the problem. Actually DocBook/XML is not much different from
DocBook/SGML and since it's quite natural and I'm really picky about 
code style it should be quite readable. But as I said, we accept any
format, even plain text.

> I cannot do this alone though. Seriously, if I am incoherent about
> this stuff, there is a good chance that the review of the current
> software caused this.  I blame docbook.  And docbook was better
> than sgml.  help!

We certainly need to set a few facts straight: XML and SGML are both
just syntaxes for markup languages; SGML is a superset and ancestor of
XML so it basically can look exactly like the stricter XML when a few
rules are taken care of. 
DocBook (which is a DTD) on the other hand defines the semantic or
meaning of the used tags.

Comparing DocBook to SGML is like an apple to tree comparison.

And as I said: You probably cannot tell the difference between my
DocBook/SGML and DocBook/XML files when I hide the fileextension...


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