Am Die, 2003-07-22 um 18.34 schrieb David Neary:

> Where is the index? And when you say "outline" do you mean "root
> document with lots of dead links"?

Nope, I mean like a rough idea of the table of contents:
   1. Introduction
        1. Welcome to The GIMP
              1.1. Known platforms
              1.2. The GIMP-Help system
   2. Legalese
        1. The GIMP License
   3. Toolbox
        1. The Toolbox
        2. The Toolbox Menu
        3. Rectangle Selection Tool
        4. Ellipse Selection Tool
        5. Free Selection Tool
        6. Fuzzy Selection Tool
        7. Select By Color Tool
        8. Scissors Tool
        9. Patience! For the Jedi it is time to eat as well.
        10. Color Picker Tool
        11. Histogram
        12. Magnify Tool
        13. Measure Tool
        14. Move Tool
        15. Crop Tool
        16. Rotate Tool
   4. Filters
        1. Filter introduction
        2. Blur
              2.1. Overview
              2.2. Options
              2.3. See also...

Don't know how 3.9. slipped in but apart from that it's what we have
right now. We need more introduction, more tool descriptions (also from
those not in the toolbox), plugin descriptions, meta information (like
keyboard shortcuts), examples, screenshots etc...


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