Am Mon, 2003-07-21 um 01.54 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> This can be easily fixed. We just need to find out what changes we
> actually want to do. Mitch seems to have a pretty clear idea how it
> could work and I think we discussed that we need some XML file that
> maps keywords to HTML pages.

I've also an idea which doesn't need a mapping at all and also doesn't
need any tricky XML->HTML processing. 

> If there is interest in getting the new help to work, we can implement
> this mapping.

I'd rather we simply render the XML directly because the mapping is
tricky at two points:
- The XML-transformation needs to be taught about creating files with
  a fixed name. This bit us before with SGML and is even more tricky
  with the DocBook/XML stylesheets.
- The docs need to be kept in sync with the GIMP Source which is a
  tedious work.

> Of course if we decide to polish the old 1.2 help pages instead of
> doing a whole new thing, we would better not do this change.

I don't think we have enough manpower to get the help done in time. I've
a business to run, have no idea where syngin is and it seems we still
have no content writers. My guesstimate for efforts we'd need to put
into it would be >400h to get something which is showable.

> After all it involves touching _lots_ of files.

Tell me what....


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