Am Mon, 2003-07-21 um 17.23 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> You want us to include an XML renderer in the help-browser? That
> doesn't sound like a simple solution.

Why not? Why should DocBook be more difficult to render than HTML? It
doesn't necessarily have to be a DocBook renderer, it could also be a
live translator. Maybe we can utilize yelp for it?

> What is tricky about 'xsltproc $xmlfile > $htmlfile'? OK, I have to
> admit I don't much experience with the DocBook XML issues you
> encountered when working on gimp-help but since I played with this
> stuff for I cannot follow this argument. Perhaps
> I need to take a closer look at gimp-help2 first...

The problem is that once you created the HTML, it's fixed including the
filenames because the links point to it. Getting <insert your favourite
xslt processor here> to spit out HTML files with the "correct" names in
the granularity we want is close to impossible; I had to reorder
gimp-help quite a bit to make it possible at all. Your experience is probably limited to either one single
HTML file or files whose names don't matter except for index.html.
However at the moment we need the filenames because the help browser
picks up the files by loading a prespecified path.
This scheme is not only hard to maintain but also broken by design; I'm
quite confident there are still mislinked help files and we didn't
notice in GIMP 1.2.

> > - The docs need to be kept in sync with the GIMP Source which is a
> > tedious work.

> How would your solution avoid this problem?

Instead of specifying filenames in the GIMP XML entities are specified
to reference the wanted section. So both the help internally AND the
GIMP are using exactly the same mapping to the files thereby avoiding
annoying synchronisation problems.

Also the documentation can be shipped *as is* without risking wreckage
every time the stylesheets or the processor or the GIMP or the content
> But I would perhaps make sense to setup the framework and encourage
> people to contribute help for gimp-2.0.

Good idea.

> We could setup some text that is displayed for all missing pages
> and that explicitely encourages people to write help on this topic.

Didn't work for GIMP 1.2 so I doubt it will here. We haven't received a
single contribution for the help in whatever form; maybe the "Eek"
scared people off or something...


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